Salem Church

Our Vision

 Our Vision Statement

We will seek to be a church where everyone proclaims the gospel at every opportunity.

“Becoming a Proclaiming People”

Different words have different meaning.
This is true of words like Mission, Purpose, Vision when applied to organizations.  So take a moment to read what we are saying when talk about the Vision of Salem Church.

We define Vision as an ideal picture of the future that inspires action 
Vision sharpens our focus.  It does not replace our mission statement but draws attention to an area of need or weakness in fulfilling the purpose for why exist. It paints a picture of action we need to take in order to actually fulfill our mission statement.

What a Visions Statement Does:
  • *It defines an outcome
  • *It challenges the status quo (at some point it will cause discomfort)
  • *It provides focus and eliminates distraction
  • *It forms a mental picture of our target
A Vision is not:
  • A realistic picture of the present.
  • A goal that can be accomplished in a set time frame.
  • The only thing that we will do for the next year.